A Plea for Help

**Update – I’m so, so pleased to say that Delfina is currently in Singapore receiving the life-saving treatment she needs**



Today is December 25th. Christmas Day. And I’m going to ask anyone who reads this for help.

13 year old Delfina da Costa has leukaemia.

She urgently needs life-saving treatment.

But Delfina is Timorese.

She lives in the beautiful, but terribly poor country of Timor-Leste – a country without oncology services.

I interviewed Dr. Dan Murphy from the Bairo Pite Clinic in Dili earlier in the year for my research and was blown away by the services they provide on such limited means.

Without help, even Dr. Dan can’t save Delfina.

So, here’s my plea and my promise.

If anyone out there can find the doctor and the hospital willing to help, I will gladly pay for Delfina’s flights.

All that is needed is to find is a hospital that is willing to help.

Watch the video.

And if you know of hospital that is willing to provide oncology services pro bono, or of anyone that can be of any assistance, please let me know as soon as possible. Delfina needs this help within 2 weeks.


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